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KAT-TUN - Official and Unofficial Shop Photo Sale


I am selling hundreds of KAT-TUN shop photos, I've got from the Official Johnny's Shop and from Mandarake shops.
[sales post]
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19th-Apr-2013 12:08 am - why???
Udine FAR EAST FILM Festival
Kame in Italy

The 15th edition of the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy will have a screening of Ore Ore (It's Me, It's Me) on 2013.04.19 at 22:30, the festival's opening day. According to the official site, Kame will be attending the event.

And guess who will be not there because he has to many other things to do und saw this post only today? it's me, it's me. ;_; I am so going to miss this one in a life time chance. ;____________; I hope some ppl on my fl will be able to go. I want to read reports. *nyanya*
1st-Sep-2012 10:09 am - why ô-ô!
I just managed to lose all screenshots of jweb-entries I had done the past year. ;-; When I switched on my mobile phone a few hours ago I got the eror message that my SD-card is deaktivated and damaged. I tried to take out the card and put it in again, after switching the phone off again. But it didn't change anything. Therefore I wanted to try it with a second SC-card. Accidently I put in my main SD-card again and used the formate option. ;_; Installing the apps again isn't that hard. But having lost all the KT-related screenshots and photos from the jweb-entries makes me very sad. ;__________;
24th-Jul-2012 11:44 am - Music suggestions
Hi minna,

we kind of need your help for our playlist of Japanese songs that we could use for dancing on our wedding (for the evening part). Any suggestions?

Btw, less than 2 weeks left. @-@

At least my outfit is complete. yeah.
25th-Apr-2012 08:52 am - Back Home :)
Finally I am back from my Japan trip. Well, I had already a good nights rest after the long flights, but still feel totally exhausted. The first batch of clothes is already in the washing machine. Three more loads will follow.

The flight from Tokyo to Copenhagen was a bit troublesome due to the turbulences and many passengers in the airplane had problems with it. Especially since the turbulences started after the first serving of food and drinks. The cabin attendants were ok, although I liked the crew from our flight to Tokyo a lot more. This time I didn't sleep in the airplane at all. Luckily the pair in front of us didn't change the position of their seat back rests, so that I had enough leg space. Only after the landing in Copenhagen did my knee start to hurt again.

The funny thing was, another friend of us had to take the same airplane and was seated right behind me. *g* It was simple coincidence.

Arrival in Copenhagen was around 16:05 and our connecting flight wasn't to board until 19:50 so we had again a lot time to wait at the airport. This time it was hard not to fall asleep. _._ The SAAB 340 - we had to board for the flight from Copenhagen to Bremen - had about 32 seats in total and only half of them were occupied by passengers.

The concerts were fun. Meeting friends was fun too. The food was tasty as usual and I spent way too much money on food and goods.

Probably a more detailed report will follow. But there are other things to do first.

~ Mel
20th-Apr-2012 12:20 am - Tickets to sell
</s>I have two spare tickets.

KAT-TUN Concert Tour 2012 - CHAIN
- Tokyo Dome
- 04/20 FRI
- 2 Tickets
- Gate 40 Base 1 Row 32 Seats 30~40

Price: each Tickets 2000 Yen (subject to negotiation)

Contact info:

Delivery: tomorrow before the concert starts, near Tokyo Dome.</s>
22nd-Mar-2012 10:00 am - KAL forum - need help
Ok, now I see the KAL forum, but how do I register? @-@
I just had to wait 2 more minutes and everthing worked out. *-* It just took me one and a half year to meet one of the anniversary dates. *yeah*
20th-Mar-2012 08:19 pm - jweb message

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9th-Mar-2012 09:50 pm - CHAIN
Got my CHAIN albums today. *-*
Just had to pay 12,- € EUST. >-<
Well, at least the exchange rate has been slightly better these days. *sighs*
11th-Feb-2012 10:39 am - 47 Ronin
*hrhr* When I looked at the movie preview of the local movie theater. Looking forward to watching Jin here on the big screen is cool, but I am not looking forward to having to watch him with German Synchro. >-< This can only turn out to be a frustrating thing. *sighs*

2nd-Feb-2012 10:38 am - new glasses :)
Yosh, I got my first glasses on Tuesday and it feels totally different, like an upgrade from CTR to TFT. *giggles* Just awesome. *-*
21st-Jan-2012 10:38 am - WTF - just stop you f** bills aready
Slowly I am turning from being worried to simply being totally angry!!!!


Of course it's easier to track people that don't do anything bad instead of the people who do bad thing. Because the latter know how to work outside of their radars. >-< This is soooo beside the line!!!!

With this the wrong people will get an easy way to get access to the data too!!

We are not living in a "police staat". If times are changing to this I am worried we will end with way more crimes happening, because will become less connected in worry that somebody might learn thing about them. WTF.

I don't get all the licence stuff regarding media and the like anyways. >-< If people don't buy their stuff, they won't do that in future either. If I get the chance to watch something, because somebody has that already, yeah, ok, a nice addition. But I would certainly never buy it myself, but I am not interested enough in it. So where are they losing money? Certainly not through peole who wouldn't buy it anyways (indepent on it being available somewhere else.)

Especially with all the stuff licenced by tv stations, radio station, etc. If these are not available in your country to legally get, I don't see why I have to abstain from it. And not, services like keyhole are no option in this case. It's more like watching single pics with sound than video.

In Germany you can only watch maybe 30% of the officially and legal shared music videos on youtube, because the are blocked by GEMA. So you go to the official youtube channel of an artist to watch their PV just to get the message this is not allowed in your country. *wtf*

Sorry, this news so early in the morning are a bad start in the weekend. *hmpf*
16th-Jan-2012 09:47 am - >-< itai itai
What a start into the week. I had a headache yesterday evening, went earlier to bed in hope that the pain would subside until today. >-< Saidly it didn't vanish but rather turned into a full migrain. I took some pills in the morning, but now my stomach is playing along too. I just want to crawl back into bed. Of course I am already in the office. _._

Besides that we booked our flight for Tokyo last night. We will be there from 18-24th April. Besides that we have about 8 hours to spent in Copenhagen on 17th April. :D Any suggestions? This time we don't have big plans for our stay in Tokyo. Just the hotel near Hanzomon station is booked. We will try to get tickets for at least two of the tokyo dome shows. *crosses fingers* Besides that we will catch up with some "missed things" from the previous journey (like the goverment building, sunshine city and fabric shops in nippori). Besides that we will see what comes along our way. For 6 days that should already be a lot to do, ne. And I want to go to Harajuku NOT on a Saturday afternoon at least once!
1st-Jan-2012 12:54 am - 2012 - Happy New Year !
I wish all of you a Happy New Year. Welcome 2012! :D

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Now I am totally full and just want to fall asleep.

Good Night everybody!

~ Mel
"Wenn der Berg ruft ..."

9:00 Takao-san
13:30 Fuchu
16:30 Carne Station (meeting with a lot of friends O:O)

(behind this cloud should be Fuji-san)

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9th-Oct-2011 01:55 pm - 2011.09.18 - second day (Tokyo area)

09:30 - Hama Rikyu Garden

11:30 - Tokyo Ryutsu Center / DJ event

12:30 - Dream Boys

19:30 - Meeting with Febby and her friend

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I am back in Germany since a few days now and finally have the time to go through all the photos I and Katja have taken of several buildings, landscapes and so on. By chance I found the address list (a simple white sheet of paper) among all the tickets, notes and maps. To say I was very frustrated would be an understatement. Really, I am very sorry to all of you. I had planned to write many postcards, but in the end I only could write one for my parents, because I know their address by heart. *sighs*

When are we gonna stop paying for climbing stair?

This sentences describes pretty well what we started thinking after a few days walking around in Japan. We didn't count how many stairs we had to climb in order to get to all the sightseeing stuff. But believe me, there have been many of them. At first I was worried I might gain weight by eating all the delicious food in Japan. But in the end I lost about 2kg thanks to the activities and weather condition.

(radom shrine in Shiodome)

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3rd-Oct-2011 06:33 am - Home, sweet Home ~
WE are back. :)

[Unknown LJ tag]Yesterday was our last day in Japan and we had to leave our hotel early in the morning in order to catch the Limousine bus to Haneda Airport at 4:25 in Ikebukuro. After getting up rather late we still managed to be on time at the bus station.

Next we went to the bag drop in Haneda. At first they weighed Katja's bag and we thought "yeah" after reading 21,6 kg. The limit was 23 kg. The guy who put the tickets/labels on our bags didn't weighed my bag at all. He prodeeded with putting the right ticket/label on my bag too. I know it was lighter than Katja's bag, but still. *shrugs* He put the label on a handle on my bag that was already half torn. (along the transport the handle was totally torn and the lable was only hold by pure luck by the closed "pull out" telescope handle. the usual "long stay at terminal 5" lable wasn't attached to my bag anymore)

Then we searched for a post box so we could drop the few postcards we were able write the evening before, because we did not have time for such things the other days. Sadly I had lost my address list in Osaka so I could only write two postcards. I am really sorry Binh, that you want get a postcards from Japan. ;_______; Afterwards we went through the security check up and finally lined up for boarding.

Once we were seated in the airplane I noted that it will be a long fly with little space for my legs. Because we forgot to reservate seats in the morning before leaving for Odaiba the day before, we could only get seats in the third last row. But this time there were no kids in the plane, so we could sleep us much as we wanted to. But after an 3 hours rest my right knie was hurting a lot and didn't want to stop, which prevented me from falling asleep again. Luckily shortly after we went for our first lavatory visite for this flight so I could stretch my limbs for a while before I had to sit down again. For the next trip I will take an aisle seat or first row for sure. The meals they served on both flights were ok. I chose the British breakfirst and later the chicken and rice dish. The staff itself was nice. But I have to admit that I had some trouble to understand the British English sometimes. The flight took about 12 hours and 30 minutes but we had to use a shuttle bus to the terminal which means we had to wait a lot, until we could leave the airplane thanks to our back row seats. *sighs*

Since we have European passports we could use the simple Imigration to UK counter and didn't have to wait too long. After changing our remaining yen bank notes into pounts we used a temporary back drop service (which costs 5 pounds for one item for 4 hours >-< ) and bought round trip tickets for the Heathrow express. Luckily we did catch a train shortly before it was leaving for London Paddington, else we would have to wait another 15 minutes. Then we took the Bakerloo subway to Charing Cross. Walked over to Trafalgar Square. Took some photos of the buildings, statues and lions there. Then we continued our walk along Whitehall up to Westminster Abbey and took a lot of pictures, even of two horse guards. Our route continued through Anne's Gate and St. James Park (where Katja took pictures of very cute squirrels) to the Buckingham Palace.
Afterwards we walked back to the St. James subway station and took the District line, because the Circle line wasn't running, and had to switch subways a few times until we reached Paddington again. Using the Heathrow express again we returned to the Airport, collected our bags and went through Security check up, before lining up for boarding. The weather in London was suprisingly warm with clear blue sky.
The flight from London to Hamburg passed by pretty fast, since I was sleeping almost the whole time. I was a bit disappointed, that my bag with the snack (chips) was already opened. Seems to have been a packing failure. The food was still edible. Still... *sighs*

We had some turbulences on both flights, but it wasn't that terrible. Just the landing in Hamburg was really painful for my ears. After collecting our luggage in Hamburg (which took some time because Katja's bag was one of the latest to get on the band-conveyor. We were already worrying, if it would arrive at all, since my bag was the among the first batch being lined up on the band-conveyor. Afterwards we used the S-Bahn to get to the Main station and took a slow train to Bremen. Luckily our tram was arriving in front of the Main station in Bremen when we left the station, else we would have to wait for another 15 minutes. And finally after another 25 minutes drive we stood in front of our apartment building, just to notice that our keys where somewhere on the bottom of Katja's big travel bag. >-< It took us another 10 minutes to find the key.

And about another hour later we finally went to sleep. It was a long, long day. But everything turned out to be ok. :)
6th-Sep-2011 03:36 pm - Japan Trip - Shopping Offer
Just 10 more days until I will be leaving for my trip to Japan from Sep 17th to Oct 1st.

Since other people have helped me a lot in the past to get me goods from various sources, I am offering a small shopping service for the days I am staying in Japan.

I will be attending:
an DJ Event (Tokyo Ryutsu Center) on Sep 18th,
Dream Boys on Sep 20th & 21st,
Summary (Tokyo Dome) on Sept 24th and
Tackey and Tsubasa Concert (Osaka) on Sep 25th.

Besides that I will go shopping in Harajuku for older goods and shop photos.

JE shop pics: 1,60 €
Paparazzi pics: 2,10 €

For other goods: (Price in yen + 10%) / 95 = amount in € (that should cover the conversion and deduction fees at the ATM in Japan. I am sorry for the rather high prices in comparision to past years, but the exchange rate between Euro and Yen is horrible since spring)

If you want to get anything from the named places above, let me know. I will need a word.doc with your list and pics of the things you want to get until Friday Sep 9th Wednesday, Sep 21th.

Payment either to PayPal (please add 3% for fees) or to my German bank account before Sep 13th September 23rd.

Shipping needs to be paid later, since I don't know the costs yet.
- Bigger goods will be shipped from Japan via Airmail (w/o insurance) or EMS (w/ insurance). It's your choice.
- smaller goods (e.g. up to 20 shop photos, one CD/DVD) can be shipped from Germany, but will be shipped from Japan by default. (offer for buyers from Europe only)

Edited: 2011.09.13
13th-Aug-2011 01:10 pm - MP3 Player
I thinking about getting a MP3-player. Some year ago I had a simple Phillips mp3-player. I kind of managed to crash the player by accidentally deleting the software from the mp3-player. Since then I have been living without a mp3-player.
But now I want to change that I can't decide between the two following types from Sony. The difference is the additional radio (UKW) option, one of them offers.

What would you choose?

Sony Walkman NWZ-B163R Walkman (4GB, USB, Kleidungsclip) 32,- €
Sony Walkman NWZ-B163FR Walkman (4GB, USB, Radio, (Kleidungsclip)) 43,- €

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12th-Aug-2011 11:57 am - WTF is going on
Could somebody enlighten me on the problem that LJ is having now again?
Almost all pages are loding as usual. Just the profile and friendslist page gets the damn "Varnish Error 503".

I am really thinking about moving JOR to another service / server. *grrrrr*
20th-May-2011 01:42 pm - Gackt 2011 EUROPEAN TOUR

GACKT returns to Europe!!! The following shows have been confirmed:
20.07.11 Le Bataclan - Paris, France
21.07.11 Le Bataclan - Paris, France
23.07.11 E-Werk - Cologne, Germany
26.07.11 Melkweg - Amsterdam, Netherlands
27.07.11 Forum - London, UK
29.07.11 Bikini - Toulouse, France
30.07.11 RAZZMATAZZ 1 - Barcelona, Spain
01.08.11 Backstage Werk - Munich, Germany
03.08.11 Huxleys - Berlin, Germany
04.08.11 Budapest, Hungary
06.08.11 Stodola - Warsaw, Poland
07.08.11 Haus Auensee - Leipzig, Germany
09.08.11 Arenan - Stockhom, Sweden
11.08.11 Arena Moscow Club - Moscow, Russia

Tickets will go on sale on 27th of May, 15:00

I wonder if I want to attend one of these Concerts. Anyone who would want to go too?

And there are still tickets available for X-Japan.
X Japan - Tickets für BERLIN
Mo, 04.07.11, 20:00 Uhr, Columbiahalle, Columbiadamm 13-21, 10965 BERLIN

Nya. But I should rather keep saving money for Japan. Still, it's tempting. ;_; And I've never been to an concert before. *hides*
15th-May-2011 09:01 pm - because life can be a bitch ...
The past month I spent some time making birthday presents for my mother and my sister. And since Katja had started with making bags, I decided to make bags as presents too.

I wanted to use the blue mary rose pattern for my mothers bag, but they didn't have the fabric available at that time. So I went with another design. Still, I made it a blue back, since my mother likes blue. For my sister I chose classic garden in slight green, because my sister usually likes this color.

Sadly my sister didn't like her bag, because she has no use for a bag made out off cotton fabric. So she gave it back to me. _._ Ignoring the fact that it took me some days to finish the bag, I am just really frustrated about my sister in general. But that's another story.

Well, anyone around here who would have liked to own this bag? oÔ

And then I finally were able to post a pic of the birthday gift I got from Katja. *hehe* There were many tiny sweets and other stuff inside the rucksack, but the rucksack itself was a present too. ^__^ And Kame-chan was the lucky one to present the gift. *hehe* The tiny figures in front of Kame-chan are a turtle and frog made out of marzipan.

14th-Mar-2011 01:55 pm - Awesome idea :D
This is one of the best and cutest offers I saw in the auction post over in help_japan!

Offering self-portraits by Japanese schoolchildren

Take a look here:
1st-Dec-2010 08:39 am - *bibber*
Wtf.... -7 °C and I pretty much felt like an icicle after ariving at the company. And then I saw the poor gate keeper. If I am cold they must be frozen after having to stand in the cold weather for hours. ;_;
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